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Predicting Where Recently released WWE Superstars Will Go Next

 Last Thursday saw the return of Black Friday with nine WWE superstars released from the company including former champions, history makers and up and coming stars who never truly got their moment. Several names announced last week left me utterly shocked but in today’s blog post I’m going to be discussing where I think some of these names will end up following their release from the WWE.   Chelsea Green The news that the WWE had let go of Chelsea Green really did bother me. She is someone I was really rooting for and was desperate to see thrive in the WWE. Of course, a couple of injuries did set Green back drastically and while there had been talks of storylines set up for her, they never made it to TV despite the potential they had. Now, I believe Green is a huge name for women’s wrestling and has plenty to deliver, just look at the small amount of work she did over in Lucha Underground to prove that point. As of right now, AEW looks to be the perfect fit for Chelsea. The All E

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